BOYS VARSITY                                   W.T.-16:22                                          VARSITY TEAM SCORES                                

Alex Lamp                                              2nd-16:43                                           Webster City                                      48

Austin Elm                                               7th-17:50                                           Algona                                                  63

Andrew Laird                                       10th-17:53                                          St. Edmond                                         80

Jacob Clabaugh                                   12th-18:02                                          Clear Lake                                           99

Nick Thilges                                          17th-18:13                                          Iowa Falls-Alden                               125

Ethan Glenn                                         20th-18:17                                          Humboldt                                            173

Mason Hedeen                                   41st-19:25                                           Eagle Grove                                        183

                                                                                                                                Clarion-Goldfield                              209

ALL CONFERENCE                                                                                             Hampton- Dumont                          215

Alex Lamp                                                                                                           Bishop Garrigan                                305

Austin Elm                                          

Andrew Laird


J.V. BOYS                                             W.T.-18:51                                          J.V. CONFERENCE AWARD WINNERS

Derek Turner                                         1st-18:51                                           Derek Turner

Lucas Poland                                         2nd-18:51                                           Lucas Poland

Brad Tate                                                 5th-19:20                                           Brad Tate

Cory Woodhouse                                 9th-19:32                                           Cory Woodhouse

Colin Ryan                                             11th-19:37                 

Ben Mossman                                     16th-20:00

Jake Hedeen                                        17th-20:04

Ryan Heinrichs                                    20th-20:12

Tristan Graham                                   24th-20:36

Cameron White                                 28th-20:48

Avery Jackson                                     29th-20:49

Andrew Turpen                                 30th -20:51

Riley Rainey                                          31st-20:55

Sam Bowman                                 40th ? -21:19

Andrew Straw                                     50th-22:04

Adam McMurray                                52nd-22:06

Shane Gilman                                  65th? -23:07

Jake Hayes                                             69th-23:15

Ben Wescott                                             DNF


COACH BUSSAN’S  COMMENTS:  The boy’s squad had an outstanding effort starting with our junior varsity which set the tone, followed by a great match race between ourselves and 3 time defending champion Algona.  With a mile to go in the varsity race, the outcome was still in doubt.  At that point, Algona had its #2 and #3 runners ahead of our #2 and their #4 runner was ahead of our #4.  The boys responded well to the challenge with a strong closing mile.  We were able to break up their 2,3 combination and our #4 passed their #4 coming down the chute.  We sealed the deal with our 5th and 6th runners separated themselves from Algona’s #5.   It was a very determined and focused race by the entire boy’s squad.  Senior Alex Lamp closed out his conference career with a runner-up finish after being 3rd a year ago.  Senior Austin Elm had the best race of his career earning All Conference honors with a 7th place finish.  Junior Andrew Laird rounded out our All Conference performances by finishing 10th.  Austin was 19th a year ago and Andrew was 37th.  Sophomores Jacob Clabaugh and Nick Thilges finished off our scoring with 12th and 17th places and Ethan Glenn ran well as our #6.  Senior Mason Hedeen finished off the varsity effort with a strong closing final 400M for 41st.  To defeat a 3 time championship team from Algona, which was led by one of the state’s outstanding runners in Ryan McMahon was a great accomplishment. 


Our junior varsity ran extremely well as sophomore Lucas Poland and junior teammate Derek Turner battled to the wire with Derek edging Lucas for the title.  Senior first time cross country athlete, Brad Tate, had a very strong close for 5th.  Sophomore Cory Woodhouse earned a top 10 finish as well.  Senior Colin Ryan closed out his career well with an 11th place finish.







GIRLS VARSITY                                  W.T.-15:49                                          TEAM SCORES                                                  

Morgan Moline                                     8th-16:37                                           Humboldt                                            38

Brenna Paukert                                  16th-17:25                                          Algona                                                  73

Alicia Long                                             20th-17:30                                          Clear Lake                                           83

Megan Hughes                                   22nd-17:33                                          Webster City                                      92

Gina Moline                                         32nd-18:35                                          St. Edmond                                         116

Rachel Kauffman                                35th-18:51                                          Eagle Grove                                        182

Brittney Dodge                                   44th-19:09                                          Clarion-Goldfield                              193

                                                                                                                                Hampton-Dumont                           208

ALL CONFERENCE                                                                                             Iowa Falls-Alden                               219

Morgan Moline


J.V. GIRLS                                            W.T.-18:05                                          J.V. AWARD WINNERS

Nicole Heinrichs                                    5th-19:05                                           Nicole Heinrichs

Morgan Shannon                               13th-19:33

Erica Just                                                15th-19:40

Ashley Meyers                                    16th-19:41

Megan Just                                           22nd-20:39

Rachel Hoffman                                                  28th-21:14

Cassie Crick                                           37th-21:48

Katelin Pruismann                             38th-21:54

Nichole Goodrich                               41st-22:07

Jori Smith                                              42nd-22:08

Kolby Stanley                                       55th-24:06


COACH BUSSAN’S COMMENTS:  Our girls gave a strong effort.  Our goal was to finish in the top 4 which we accomplished by defeating a solid St. Edmond squad.  We gave 3rd place Clear Lake a good run as they only finished 9 points ahead of us.  They had beaten us by 90 points at Algona earlier in the year.  The entire line-up showed great effort.  Sophomore Morgan Moline entered the meet seeded 13th.  She ran an outstanding race earning her first All Conference honors with an 8th place finish.  She was 16th a year ago.  Fellow sophomore Brenna Paukert  competed well, as did senior Alicia Long.  Megan Hughes continues to show improvement as she recovers from a midseason leg injury and was right behind Alicia.  Freshman Gina Moline and sophomore Rachel Kauffman had very good races as our #5 and #6.  Rachel was a team manager a year ago and thought she would give running a try this year.  Sophomore Brittney Dodge continues to show great determination as she continues to compete despite a painful foot injury. 


On the J.V. side, junior Nicole Heinrichs had her best race in finishing 5th.  Freshman Morgan Shannon returned to competition after recovering from a stress fracture to finish 13th.  Sophomores Erica Just and Ashley Meyers  also ran very well for 15th and 16th.  Our entire J.V. group competed very well throughout and took great pride in the program.